Girl: Happy Birthday Baby!
Boy: Thank You my Baby!
Girl: I’ll be there in your house before 7 o’clock pm tonight.
Boy: Promise?
Girl: Promise. Darating ako Baby. I love you so much. No
matter what happen.
Boy: Ang sweet naman ng Baby ko. Sige and i’ll co0k for our
Girl: Talaga? Cge Baby, i’ll promise pupunta ako. It’s ur
special day at dapat mgkasama tau.
-Excited si boy habang hinihintay si girl sa bahay nia. Exactly
7 o’clock in the evening nang dumating si Girl.
Boy: Baby, i missyou! What took you so long?
Girl: Traffic kasi Baby, im sorry.. (She hug him)
Boy: It’s ok Baby. Tara kain na tau, i know you’re hungry.
They went to the dinning area,they eat and talk together.
Nang biglang nag brown out.
Boy: wait lang Baby, kuha lang ako ng kandila.
Girl: Ako nalang Baby, saan ba nakalagay?
Boy: Sa ibabaw ng kabinet.
-Umalis si Girl upang kunin ang candle. Nang biglang nag ring
ang cellph0ne ni Boy, it was the girl’s m0m’s calling.
Boy: Hello tita!
M0m: (crying) Iho! Pumunta ka ngaun d2 hospital. Dali!
Boy: Ha? Bakit po??
M0m: Wala na ang anak ko..nabangga siya kaninang papunta
siya jan sa bahay mo..
The boy was shocked and he saw the Girl in the dark holding
the light of candle and saying..
“Baby, i nver broke my promise. Pinuntahan parin kta kasi
mahal na mahal kita.”""

News Asia: Five people after raped of a young girl kill her on fire in China

  1. A teenage girl was groomed and raped for six hours by up to 30 men including a father and his son who was wearing his school uniform.
    The attack involved taxi drivers who turned up in groups to abuse the girl in Birmingham, according to a report to councillors in the city.

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High School Love Story

I had recently come back from a late night family Christmas party. I don't know what made me log on that night but it would turn out to be the best night of my life. I used this chat site and I logged on and joined a less populated room and I started talking to the boys in the room; I get along better with guys. This guy, Teddy, started chatting with me and he seemed interesting and really sweet. I stopped paying attention to the rest of the people in the room and after a couple of hours I gave him my email address. He told me his real name was Stephan and he lived in Tennessee. We learned more about each other as the night went on and before we realized it, it was 7 am and he told me he loved me. 

I had the largest butterflies in my stomach and I thought I'd cry out of pure joy. His exact words were "umm lol i love you." I fell head over heels for him, he was so much better than anything I had ever imagined or wanted. He's charming, good looking, sweet, funny, smart...he means the world to me. 

When I went to bed that early morning, and this is something he doesn't know, I couldn't sleep I had to pinch myself to make it real and even then I thought this was some trick of my imagination. I also fell asleep with my computer open on the picture that he had sent me, I kept thinking, how did he fall for me? He's way out of my league! Those were temporary thoughts and I deserve him, he deserves me.